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Q:Reply small amount of customers' questions
A:We also want to do business with you, as long as any business-related inquiry letter are the focus of our attention. However, our company policy require MOQ 300 dolls or doll kits/parts MOQ 500, Same as other export companies require some minimum transaction amount for each shipment. We are specialized in producing a large quantity of factories and different with wholesalers or retailers. they have stock. Owing to each reborning doll involved head, hands and feet, and related materials such as parts of hair styles color, eyes style color, lace style colors, fabric styles color, button style color, shoes style color...etc, each baby dolls needs to prepare at least 10 kind of material or more. If we have 500 different dolls, how to do? That is not to buy over 5000 kinds material to waiting other guests? Newborn Dolls dislike plastic injection, such as  plastic cup or toy ball, which style consistent with a long life and cycle simply faded in popularity. American girl dolls was different business. Every guest's requirements need to tailored, need to follow to sample production, if guests required less than MOQ, we must purchase the basic number of units from the market, such as a american girl needs three buttons, 50 american dolls to be 150 buttons, but the market only sell one pack of 500 buttons; then the rest of the buttons become a stock? To wait until what month to run it? A unit of cloth is 100 yards, but only 50 babies doll may be need 25 yards, then the remaining 75 yards how to do? Therefore, we have MOQ requirements. It's like you want to buy 10 pieces iphone-4s mobile, you find apple store pipeline is correct, rather than directly to the apple processing plant to buy.My suggestion is that you can start from Ebay or your local wholesalers to buy a little goods learning how to sell. Perhaps their quality or style of product did not fully satisfy by you, but they do not need MOQ, even if you only buy one they are selling as long as they have storage; Don't want to make money right away (this is a little money, Isn't it?) but selling the small sample first to understand your market and your customers, when you better understand the know that trades by an experienced, and then you find potential customer base. And then, you buy from factory. Of course, the factory cost will be cheaper others channels.  Perhaps you don't understanding and maybe you can't forgive for my explain, but I have to honest telling you the truth. Hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the future.I wish you business is booming! Sincerely,

Q: I found many manufactories from alibaba.com B2B platform, they always said that they can help me, but in fact…
A:Some buyers also have left message us: “you, manufacturers always promise that you can help the clients. But it is a lie. When I consult you to buy sample or order some products, you refused me that my order is small that you can not do it. That’s mean you can’t help me. Right? You tell me buyers'idea, let me explain sellers'idea , I am sorry to hear the unsatisfied comments from all potential clients. Your complain is acceptable. The reason is that you may find the suitable vendor who can supply you small order, but not directly to the factory.  It is same as you want to set up a shop selling NIKE sport shoes. Of course, you should negotiate with their distributor or local whosalers about the detailes of investment and purchasing. If you driectly contact with the NIKE’s manufacturer, it woul not be appropriate.  Between manufacturers and whosalers & retailers, they are different essentially. For whosalers, they have to pay some cost for shipping, freight, warehouse, channel, ad….etc. So their price is higher than manufactory; However they have available products in stock. they can sell 1~2 dozens even less quantity. The price quoted by manufacturers is lower. But the factories have to produce according to customers’ design and order to do mass production. Because if one production line starts, each production line has MOQ requirement. If factories produce the quantity is less than the MOQ, This production will have loss. So the factories would not like to cooperate to produce small order.  I think these principles we all know, but buyers always hope they can skip the middleman negotiated to purchase a small order directly to manufacturers,and get more profit.  So we understand: Buyer want to make money, the manufacturer would also like to make money, everyone is smart do not want to invest, do not want to lose, then who pay it? Therefore, these complaints will occur.  However for the new customers who never cooperated, whether provide samples for them, it will depends on the buyers’ quantiy and whether they are doing in this line.  Of course, factories will provide free samples to their regular customers even ship samples to their regular customers actively. Hope to get orders from their customers and help them to do better business. Another example, if Wal-mart want to get a new products, every factory will spare no efforts to provide samplesand would love to cooperate with Walmart. As manufacturer know only huge order can make money.